Jalene Howse: About Me

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A little bit about me and my musical career

After years of music lessons and schoolage performances, I formed a musical group with my two younger sisters, called The Three J's, and we became rather well-known throughout all of northern Indiana and in the surrounding regions, due to regular appearances live in person, on radio, and also on television many years ago.  We also made appearances on the music festivals at Shady Acres near Frankfort, Indiana, which was originated and run by "Curley" Myers, a guitarist/musician who later had his own Saturday morning show on Channel 6-TV in Indianapolis, Indiana.  During our own teen years, The Three J's had a radio show on WSAL, Logansport, Indiana, on Saturday mornings playing music and giving the news about the local regional high schools.  We also appeared on Channel 4-TV, Bloomington, Indiana, and on Channel 5-TV in Chicago, Illinois, on the "Share The Fun 4-H Breakfast Show" along with other regional 4-H talent winners from the State of Indiana, which included the teen-age Burton Trio, which consisted of Gary Burton on vibraphones, his brother on string bass and his sister on trombone.  Gary went on to become a famous jazz vibraphonist and he has a remarkable resume and some CDs on the market.  In this photo, we are wearing our grass skirts/hawaiian outfits because we did a lot of hawaiian music featuring Janet on the steel guitar.  Joetta is on the spanish guitar and I am on the accordion.  We stopped performing together when we all went our separate ways in our adult lives.  Photo by Rabess Studios

The Three J's

The Hayloft Frolic in Korea

Photo which was in the Sabre Star, the international air force newspaper, from years ago, showing Jalene with Uncle Bob Hardy, pictured in front, and some of the musicians of the Hayloft Frolic - Ronny Patton, Bruce Osbon, Don Wilburn and Earl Hoover - at a performance for our air force servicemen in the air force hospital in Osan, Korea. 

Uncle Bob Hardy's Hayloft Frolic in Japan

Uncle Bob Hardy and the Hayloft Frolic gathered for this photo in Japan on our U.S.O. (United Services Organization) musical tour of the Orient, which included a stop in Wake Island on our way to Korea, where we played for standing-room only crowds of G.I.s.  We traveled by MATS (Military Air Transport Service) air, bus, ambulance and jeep in our travels to entertain the G.I.s in the Orient and in Europe.  On our way to army bases in Europe, we made stops on the way in Nova Scotia and Scotland before playing for servicemen glad to see an American show in Germany and Austria.  We also went sight-seeing on our days off to see Hitler's mountain underground headquarters in Berchtesgarten, and to the DMZ line, the 38th parallel, in Korea where we could see the North Koreans across the "line" and they watched us through binoculars.  Standing, left to right, in this photo is Earl Hoover, Bruce Osbon, "Uncle" Bob Hardy, Eddie Tice, Don Wilburn and Ronny Patton, and, seated, left to right, is Lynda Riley, Betty Hardy, and Jalene Joyce.  In front is our vocalist, Carol Prather.  Photo by Beebe

Jalene's Cowboys' Sweethearts

This is a photo from years ago of the all-girl country-western band which I had at the Flame Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We are shown in the front cocktail bar of the club.  We had a great "run" there and got to meet many of the top country-western "stars" who were booked there on weekends in the back dining room of the club.  Of course I am shown with my accordion, and there is Lynda on steel guitar, Patti on bass, and our vocalist, Barbara Lee, on guitar.

The Mello-Tones

This is a photo of the cover of an LP album of various selections of music by The Mello-Tones (which has since disbanded) made at Kay-Bank Recording Studios in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota under our own label which we did many years ago.  Shown counter-clockwise from the left is Les Howse, Janet Joyce, Joetta Joyce, Karl Peterson, Bill Arledge, and Jalene Joyce Howse.  Les was the designer of the artwork for the cover of the album, and he was also the pianist and a background vocalist, and he and Jalene arranged the music for our album.  Janet did some of the vocals and played the steel guitar.  Joetta played the spanish guitar and did some of the background vocals.  Karl Peterson was a well-known disc jockey in Minneapolis and he was a featured vocalist on our album.  Bill Arledge was also a featured vocalist on our album, and he was also well-known in the local genres of musical theatre and opera.  Jalene had her own musical group at one of the clubs in Minneapolis and was the accordionist and vocalist on our album. 

The Trio from the Hyatt Hotel

This is "The Nick Kostas Trio" at a private performance in Indianapolis, Indiana, with our unidentified "hostess/employer", during the years we were playing nightly at the Hyatt Hotel.  This Trio consisted of Nick Kostas on violin and Steve Woerner on string bass, along with me on the accordion, and we played at the "Bandstand in the Park" on the third level mezzanine area of the Hotel for almost nine years.  We had an incredible amount of success during that time and in addition to playing nightly and Sunday Brunches at the Hyatt, we played for numerous social and business functions throughout those years, including a performance for President Ronald Reagan when he gave a speech at the Indianapolis Convention Center, and a performance for the V.I.P. Benefit before the Frank Sinatra Show at the Deer Creek Music Center near Noblesville, Indiana.  This Trio is no longer working because Nick has passed on and we miss him.

Society String Trio

Here I am with violinist Cathy Morris and her father, on string bass, the late Dale Spurlock.  I had many years of joy playing in this trio and traveling to various parts of the State for our gigs.  Cathy and Dale were both experienced jazz musicians, and Cathy continues to work in the genre of jazz, both as a performer on electric violin, which is not pictured here, and as a writer of her own style of music. Also see the two of us elsewhere on this same page.

The Johnny Howe Band

This is a picture of me playing some country-western music at a retirement center for a festival on the 4th of July with the Johnny Howe Band many years ago.  This Band had more members on gigs, including a musician on horns, and another musician on the bass, and we played for many retirement centers and health care centers entertaining and playing the songs which they remember.  The late Johnny Howe is on drums behind me, and the late Elret "Brownie" Brown is on the banjo.  

Jalene as a soloist

Got my mask on for a Mardi Gras party!  I went out as a soloist for themed parties, including French, Italian, and special occasions and Holidays.  

Jalene and Nick

A photo of me with the late Nick Kostas at a performance at a banquet at a hotel several years ago.   He was Greek, so we added Greek and other Mediterranean music to our repertoire of semi-classical, show tunes, ballads, latins, etc.  

Cathy and Jalene

Another photo of me with Cathy at the Indianapolis Museum of Art on September 20, 2007.  Here we are on the second floor playing as the guests are entering the "Roman Art From The Louvre" Exhibit.  The ancient artworks were from the first century Italy, and my accordion is from 20th century Italy!  Photo by Kelly Wilkinson of Indianapolis Star newspaper

The Bier "Howse" Band

The Bier "Howse" Band -- get it!  We are under a tent in this photo playing at an Oktoberfest at an apartment complex.  We had five members of our band, including instrumentation of accordion, tuba, drums, and two horns, but we sometimes went out on gigs with only four of us, or three or, in a pinch, with just the accordion and tuba, and we played authentic German, American-German, and requests.  

Vezzoso Two

The Vezzoso Two in Concert!  Here I am on stage with violinist Jesse Hawkins at a concert in Fort Wayne, Indiana, from years ago.  Jesse and I played classical and semi-classical music and we catered to small-to-medium size engagements so we could have a dialogue with our audience.  

Cathy and Jalene

Here I am with my small Italian continental accordion playing European Cafe music at the Indianapolis Museum of Art on September 20, 2007, with violinist Cathy Morris for the Grand Opening of the "Roman Art From The Louvre" Exhibit.  This Gala showcased priceless Italian artworks, some of which were on loan from the Louvre in Paris, France, for the first time, and this Exhibit moved to other American cities after opening in Indianapolis.  Cathy Morris is a well-known violinist who also has several CDs out with the various musical venues she works with.  We played for about 400 invited guests for cocktails and dinner.  

Photos from my musical career

Hope you have enjoyed these photos of my musical life. Go to the Music Lessons, About or Contact page.